"The very first time I had your rum cake was when I got back from Iraq after my first tour. I was on a cruise and went to Grand Cayman and sampled your wonderful cakes. I then bought enough to last me a couple of months (so I thought, they were gone within a week after returning home). Well I am back in Iraq and thinking about the next time I can eat your wonderful cakes."

-Aaron E. Smith

This is the 1st time I had eaten this Tortuga rum cake which was given to me by my brother on his visit to the Cayman Islands. It is excellent.

-Dorothy Pereira

Your cakes are utterly fabulous! I ordered chocolate rum, and have never tasted anything like it--and I don't usually like chocolate! Thank you again. I will recommend your products to everyone I meet!

-L. Standow

Just wanted to say we bought some rum cakes from our Caribbean cruise and it was deliciously fantastic. My husband took it to his surgery and all the staff loved it and wanted more so there was very little left for me. Thank you very much. It's the best cake we've tasted.

-H. Singh

We live in the UK just had a golden rum cake which some friends brought us over from USA. FANTASTIC!!!!

-B. Jones

This is just a note to say I LOVE your product! I work on the cruise ships seasonally, and when ever I'm in the Caymans, my family and friends ORDER me to pick some up!! It is absolutely DIVINE!!! I urge you to keep up the FANTASTIC work!!!! I always recommend your products to clients on the ship and friends here in Canada! They are simply divine!

-C. Markovic

We were given a gold rum cake for Christmas. First time to eat one. It was so very good. Thank you for making such a quality product.

-S. Davis

Wonderful...I bought on cruise and gave some as gifts and some for my family...well...wow...moist tasty and a wonderful experience for anyone's taste buds.


Just want to thank you for making the best key lime rum cake in the world. Wish I had the money to send all my friends one so I would not have to share such a wonderful experience. Keep up the good work and I will keep buying them!

-V. Marcussen

I just wanted to tell everyone at the TORTUGA Store in Grand Caymen that it was a real pleasure to finally visit your store. I have been eating your rum cakes for 5 years now and really enjoy them. I always put some out at family dinners and I love to give them as gifts.The employees at your store are so friendly and helpful. God bless you all.

-J. Barfell

I just wanted you to know that we (and all of our friends!) think your rum cakes are awsome!! My husband and I don't usually like any type of rum cake but after recieving one as a gift we decided to try it before sharing it with our employees - well sorry to say -that first one never got shared. These cakes have the perfect amount of rum and are so incredibly moist. We've frozen them for up to 1 1/2 years and they are still just as good as the ones we open when we first got them. Anyway - thanks again for such a GREAT cake.

-L. Hahn

Dear Sir or Madam, having been born and raised in England, now living in the usa, I have never tasted rum cakes like my mother and granny made until I ate one of yours.My son brought me a box of six little cakes while he was in the caribbean. They were just like the old english rum puddins! They were great! Thank you so much for making something that reminds me of being a child again!

-J. Kobasko

Thank you and I have to tell you your cakes are FANTASTIC - I have now been ordering for a few more people and this will probably get larger as the cakes are distributed as gifts.

-V. Crowley

I received my first Tortuga Rum Cake (Blue Mountain Coffee) and to say it was delicious is truly an understatment! The only way to describe your rum cakes is to just taste one! Your new customer and fan in Alabama!

-M. McClammy

I would just like to compliment you on your product. I received as a gift a small Tortuga Golden Rum Cake. I kept the cake for 2 entire years! I just opened it and OH MY GOD!!! It is even better 2 years later.

-D. Curry

I had just to let someone know, that I was given a few of your original rum cakes on our last cruise, and FELL IN LOVE WITH THEM!! What a great product....keep baking!!!

-A. Acree

I shipped 12 of the small Rum Cakes and gave them away as gifts. oy, were they a hit. All of my friends and co workers asked if I had any extras. They arrived in great shape and in a timely manner. Thank you for such a great product.

-P. Dean

My husband and I just visited Key West, FL and stopped in one of your stores there. It was the first time we had tried a Tortuga Rum Cake and it was the absolute best rum cake ever!

-R. Swaim

This is really the crème de la crème of cakes!

-J. Simmons

Thank you for the incredible service and fantastic product.

-Jan Kovacs

Thank you for your prompt and efficient service. I'll be ordering again!!

-D. Williams

Great Service! Great Cake!

-B. Laeger

We just returned from the Caymans. The ONLY gift our sons asked us to bring back for them were your amazing rum cakes!

-P. Jackson

I didn't think I liked rum cake, but I tried your rum cakes while on a recent Caribbean cruise to the Cayman Islands. I am hooked!

-J. Belt

Your rum cakes are one of the best delights that I have ever had the pleasure of sinking my teeth into!

-N. Bridgeman

The most delicious cakes I have ever tasted. Simply Divine.

-Debbie H

The Tortuga Rum Fudge that I received is just what I expected: fresh, creamy and delicious.

-Bonnie G.

One of the best cakes I've tasted!

-C. Tice

I am extremely impressed with the quality of your Customer Service.

-S. McArthur

I opened a rum cake and it was great! Thank you for the excellent service!

-K. Castellani

We received two rum cakes and they were great. Just what we always expected from Tortuga Rum Cakes.

-L. Patricio

Tortuga Rum Cakes are truly a SLICE OF HEAVEN!

-G. Butler

I tried your rum cakes for the first time today, and fell in love. It's wonderful.

-D. Bryan

Chocolate Rum Cake was and is the best cake I ever had. My co-workers could not get over how moist it was. What a great gift! Better than gold.

-R. Jagersky

In my four months of being here in Iraq that was the best tasting food we had to eat (Tortuga Rum Cake). Everyone loved your cakes. So I just had to tell you how good they are and how happy it made the Soldiers over here.

-W. Russell

I am an avid fan of your Tortuga Rum Cakes, and must say your packaging presentation is very impressive and unique.

-D. Chambers

I was at your Grand Cayman store about a year ago and brought home by far the best rum cake ever!

-D. Dunton

I really love your rum cakes (also your rum)!

-S. Jeffery

I am absolutely in LOVE with your cakes!! Thanks for the great cakes!!

-T. Perry

Your rum cakes is the most divine cake I have ever tasted!

-C. Molloy

I'm a soldier in Iraq and I received your rum cake from soldiers angels. It was the BEST rum cake I've ever tasted.

-D. Kaimuloa

As an ex resident of Bermuda, I thought they had the best recipes. However yours is far and away the best I have ever tasted! Excellent.

-E. Joergensen

This is the BEST rum cake I ever had. Thanks for your product. It brings a smile to my face!

-J. Warner

Your rum cakes are superb!

-Mr. & Mrs. Rogers

There has to be a crime for a cake that taste so good!

-P Colbourne

"I normally hate rum cakes, but yours tasted absolutely delicious". Congratulations on making a high quality product.

-D. Shuman

Tortuga Rum Cakes are the BEST cakes I have ever had in my entire life.

-Dolores B

I enjoyed your chocolate rum cake. It was the best rum cake I ever had. Thanks for the incredible taste experience.

-R. Starita

Exquisite Cake!

-A. Guzman

Your customer service is GREAT!

-J. Boulware

Your sauces are the best I have ever tasted.

-W. Michaels

"The service with your company is fantastic. Will definitely be ordering again".

-J. Hilyer

I just wanted to tell you how delicious your rum cakes are...YUMM! Thanks for the pleasure!

-L. Woodman

I just wanted to say that was the best rum cake I ever tasted!

-T. Scott


-L. Tanilli

Your rum cake is the best anywhere!

-D. Reavis

These are the best rum balls in the world! I do not like nuts or coconut and the ones you make with chocolate sprinkles are to die for! Absolutely deliciously sinful!

-K. Bromka

Excellent service! Recived my first cake in just 2 days.


I had my first 'Tortuga Rum Cake' about 10 years ago on a trip to Aruba, and fell in love with them. Since then I have purchased them on different trips to the Caribbean. I must tell you how glad I am that I can now order them online. I want to thank you for such a wonderful product, and let you know that you will have a repeat customer.

-Peggy Lauroff-Tourangeau

I am addicted to your rum cakes! They are the most amazing dessert/snack I have ever had! I only get to enjoy them when my mother goes on vacation to the Cayman Islands I try and savor the moment. Thank you so much for the satisfaction!


I am addicted to your rum cakes! They are the most amazing dessert/snack I have ever had! I only get to enjoy them when my mother goes on vacation to the Cayman Islands but I try and savor the moment. Thank you so much for the satisfaction!

-Crystal S.